About me…

To make, create and share……

I am passionate about most things creative, the positive health benefits of being creative and the opportunities to meet others who share an interest in art and creativity.   

The ceramic pieces are created in my tiny garden studio, formerly a brick built out-house and then fired in an electric kiln. It can be quite cold in the studio during the winter months when I tend to retreat to the warmth of the house and create watercolour illustrations.

A fascination for old buildings, particularly weather worn, aged, about to fall down buildings, has been an interest for many years. This led to the ceramic sculptural house series that you can see here on the website. The next step in the project is to link the buildings more closely to an actual building, a kind of building self portrait. Following on from this there will be a return to figurative ceramic sculptures. Plans are in place in 2020 to create a 2D and 3D figuartive portraits. With an interest in both 2D and 3D I would like to explore linking these art forms closer.   

If you would like to keep up to date with my current interests and practice please see my instagram account for images of my recent work https://www.instagram.com/inkclay/