Setting Up a Ceramic Studio

When house hunting 2 years ago, I walked into the back garden of my ‘now’ home and saw some beautiful red brick out buildings. Inside the dialpadated wooden doors was the remains of stored coal, a washing machine. From seeing these buildings I knew it was the house for me. In fact it really did not matter what the rest of the house was like, I was smitten by studio potential in these little outbuildings. 

After settling in 2015 we set about rennovating the outbuilding. Walls were knocked down, concrete laid on the uneven floor, plastering (only some walls as I didn’t want to loose the exposed brickwork) and some new roof tiles later I have my perfect space. Its not big but its perfect for me.

Keeping with the ‘natural’ look I chose scaffolding boards for my workbench and now realise its not ideal because of the open joins between the planks, clay gets trapped when wedging. I am now planning on replacing it with a single piece of wood to overcome this. 

The studio is so much more than just a practical space. Its somewhere I go when wanting to switch off from the world, to engage in an activity that gives me so much joy to create. I really appreciate that I am so fortunate to have this space, particularly after spending 12 years in a tiny bedroom with my pottery wheel.

I am now turning my thoughts to a community studio as it will be good to share my knowledge and give others the opportunity to engage in pottery. My little studio will not be big enough so I will have to find an additional studio for running classes.



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