Experiment & Evaluate

The past few spring months have been spent making functional tableware pieces. The result is a whole new range of matt white stoneware pieces, it includes dinner plates, side plates, shallow dishes, bowls, beakers and mugs. This is a move from my previous thrown pieces that were always made from porcelain. I am enjoying a more relaxed approach to throwing as the stoneware is much more forgiving than porcelain.

During every kiln firing, I have included some glaze tests (about 250 to be precise). This adds to my ever-present excitement when firing the kiln. I learnt a valuable lesson during my last firing. I initially trialled the glazes on some flat tiles and when I found one to explore further, I mixed up a larger batch and applied it to many plates. The result was plates glued to the kiln shelf from where the glaze had run all over the kiln shelves. A schoolboy error but nevertheless a valuable lesson too. Back to the chemical composition of this glaze it is.

Now, my current thoughts are with more sculptural tableware designs and hand building. Prior to learning to throw I slab built. I occasionally have the urge to return to this method of making and would like to mix it with throwing too.

The possibilities are always endless with clay.

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