Porcelain Mugs with Matt White Sieve

I have been plagued recently with problems with my electric kiln. I have had a melted socket (that I was very lucky did not result in a fire), over firing and after having all elements replaced the controller has now failed.

The latest firing did result in many new glazes and a few matt white stoneware pieces that fired beautifully. I trialled 135 test tiles. They were a combination of 3 different clays, 3 oxides and 3 opacifiers. The results were really interesting and I now have some lager batches of the glaze to mix up for a new clay I am planning on using for my next body of work. All in all very exciting and a really good incentive to continue when the kilns is being a real pain.

Speckled Green Porcelain Mug and Matt White Sieve

Experimenting with many forms I have created a mini strainer, the intended purpose is for flavoured tea bags. The mug is made from porcelain, finished with a glaze I have been using for many years. It fires to a random speckled effect, very effective.

Stoneware Side Plates with Matt White Glaze                       As the saying goes practice makes perfect, this is certainly ringing true with the matt white glaze I have used to finish these side plates. I have achieved no drip marks….finally. The plates are made from stoneware clay and go a lovely toasty colour where the glaze meets the clay body.

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