Ceramic Pots for Plants

Thrown Porcelain Beakers for Succulents


Indoor house plants have been influencing my ceramic work of late. I am busy designing many different styles of pots made to match the plants they will eventually hold.

I am drawn to plants that are silver grey-green in colour tone. Succulents that come in these shades are a favourite as they are quite robust. I used to have a Eucalyptus tree that I really loved because of the colour and the hustling noise it made in the wind but lost it following a particularly cold winter. I have just got around to planting another following a visit to the florist and being charged a small fortune for a small sprig. Fingers crossed for my own tree to grow into a tall and healthy plant.


Designs for the pots include porcelain bud vases to hold fresh cut flowers, small window pots for the succulents and pots to be hung. Considering how to string or fasten the hanging pots is fascinating me as the possibilities are endless. I can build the fastening into the clay and plan what the most suitable material will be to hang them.

As the year moves on and I spend more time outdoors I am thinking about designs for garden pots.  These will be made from stoneware clay. I have some terracotta to play with when I get over the fear of turning everything in my studio red.


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