What makes a good pot?


Is a question I frequently ask myself.

I found the answer in one of my favourite pieces. It’s a porcelain bowl that was thrown very lightly on the wheel and glazed. Its dimensions are 6cm high by 12.5cm in diameter.

The reason I favour it is because it is light in weight, I managed to throw it very thinly. It sits so comfortably in one hand when full of my breakfast cereal, allowing my other hand free to carry my coffee. It’s the only bowl I ever use in the morning. It never goes in the dishwasher; not because the dishwasher damages it, more because I worry that it will get knocked.

The decoration is unusual for me. My other work created around this time was white with a hand drawn image meaning this one stood out from the crowd. It had a slip applied and was sgraffito’d with the pattern wrapping around the form. A white glaze was then applied that broke at the base and rim.

What fascinates me about it is that when making I am always thinking about the form when throwing and then the decoration. However, upon reflection the appeal of this piece is neither the form or decoration but the weight and lightness of the porcelain in function. It does have to look good sat on my kitchen shelf but it’s the pleasure I get from holding it that makes this piece a favourite.

It’s an object that I use every day that just makes the start to my day that little bit more special.


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