Mark Making Paper to Pot


Creating a new body of work is giving me the opportunity to identify some new decorating techniques for my pots. Having gone back to the drawing board, quite literally, I am exploring different marks on paper before committing to the pots.

Using a large piece of paper, I divided the squares into 5 x 4 and spent time filling each box with different marks. Some were made using my dominant hand and others with my non-dominant. I used either a pen, ink or black acrylic paint with a paint brush. The speed at which the marks were made varied and in some of the squares I layered a number of techniques to add interest.

It’s a fun exercise that is liberating, the only restriction is your imagination. Favourite marks will be transferred to a pot and then re-evaluated to decide whether the marks work on a 3-dimensional form. One of the pitfalls of completing the exercise on paper is the risk of trying to make a ‘pretty picture’.  Continually reminding myself of the purpose of the exercise keeps me on task.

I will share the outcome on pots once completed.

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